Thursday, December 5

Installing a git server on ubuntu 13.10

Now it's simpler than ever before ...

First you'll need to have a ssh key, if you don't have one generate it with

$ ssh-keygen

The defaults are fine for the test

Now install the server

$ sudo apt-get install git-core gitolite

After this a wizard will popup asking for:

  1. The git user, by default gitolite (the user that gets the code)
  2. The public ssh key for the admin, or the path to it, you can use the previously generated key located in ~/.ssh/ if you left all the defaults
And that's it ... I couldn't believe it, last time took me one afternoon to install the server

Now to configure the repositories you need to clone the gitolite admin

$ git clone [user you selected on the first step of the wizard]@localhost:gitolite-admin

in my case 

$ git clone gitolite@localhost:gitolite-admin

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